5 Things You Must Know About Orthodontics Treatment

5 Things You Must Know About Orthodontics Treatment

Mar 01, 2023

Misaligned teeth can cause a variety of problems, both physical and psychological. Poor dental alignment can lead to difficulty chewing, speaking, and breathing. In addition to physical issues, misaligned teeth can also cause embarrassment or low self-esteem due to the appearance of crooked teeth. Fixing these misaligned teeth is crucial to your oral health. Fortunately, several orthodontic treatments are available to address the issue. Visit a dentist near you to know which orthodontic treatment is ideal.

What Is Orthodontics Treatment, And How Does It Work?

Orthodontics treatment deals with preventing, diagnosing, and treating malocclusion.

It uses a series of appliances worn to move teeth into better positions. This treatment aims to create straightening forces on your teeth so they can be aligned properly, thus correcting their position.

The Role Of The Orthodontist In The Treatment Process

Orthodontists are trained to treat patients with misaligned teeth, jaw, and facial bones. They work with patients to create a treatment plan to help them achieve their desired smile.

The orthodontist is also responsible for setting up the braces on your teeth, so they fit comfortably and stay in place throughout treatment.

Five Things To Know

Before you can get orthodontics in Woodbridge, VA, here are five things to note:

  1. Braces are not just for kids

Braces are no longer just for kids. Adults of all ages are turning to braces to correct their smile and improve their oral health. Braces can help adults with crooked or crowded teeth, overbites, underbites, and other issues affecting their appearance and quality of life. With technological advances, braces have become more comfortable and discreet than ever before, making them an excellent option for adults who want to improve their smile without anyone noticing.

  1. Orthodontic treatment is done in phases

Orthodontic treatment is done in phases. The first phase is evaluation, which involves taking impressions of your teeth to determine whether they need braces. The second phase is getting treatment on your teeth, which usually takes place over a few appointments. This can include aligning the teeth with wires and making sure they’re straight.

The third and final stage is retention, which involves wearing a retainer to maintain the position of the teeth and keep them from reverting.

You’ll have regular checkups every few weeks, during which Dr. Majeed will ensure everything’s still looking great and healthy.

  1. You will need to maintain a high level of discipline or hygiene when doing orthodontic treatment

Orthodontic treatment requires a high level of discipline and hygiene to ensure the best possible outcome. A few tips to follow include:

  • Brush and floss once every other day, especially after meals.
  • Eat a healthy diet low in sugar and carbohydrates but rich in proteins and fats.
  • Avoid eating sticky or hard foods, which can damage your mouth and stick to the braces.
  1. The orthodontic treatment has different options

There are different types of orthodontic treatment, and they fix different severity of the malocclusion.

  • Traditional braces

Traditional braces are metal brackets bonded to the teeth. The brackets are connected by wires that move the teeth into position, making the traditional. These braces are made of stainless steel and plastic, so that you can choose between white or clear models.

  • Invisalign aligners

The Invisalign aligners are removable and can be replaced as your teeth move during treatment.

In addition to being comfortable and easy-to-clean, materials like these types of braces don’t require special care- brush them regularly and keep them clean.

  • Lingual braces

Linguistic braces are a type of orthodontic treatment that is placed on the inside of your teeth. They’re made of clear plastic and don’t have brackets or wires, so they’re more discreet than traditional braces. The clear design also lets you see what your teeth look like when wearing them.

  1. Orthodontics creates more than a straight smile

Orthodontic treatments focus on diagnosing, preventing, and correcting mispositioned teeth and jaws—the correct mouth positioning is an essential part of overall health.

Orthodontists can observe a person’s smile and all its intricacies, considering how their teeth fit together as well as the developing position of the jaw.

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The treatment can be quite expensive, but it’s worth every penny. The orthodontic treatment will help you look and feel better, improve your oral hygiene, and gives you a more confident smile. Visit Woodbridge Comfort Dental Care for more information.

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