Mar 02, 2022

Getting a denture for your teeth is one thing; learning to live comfortably with it is another thing. At first, using a dental restoration might seem like the hardest thing to do. However, you would get used to it and realize that it might be the best solution after all.

Dentures are removable artificial teeth that can replace natural missing teeth and give you a complete and healthy dental structure. Also, you can say that dentures are confidence boosters because they allow you to talk and smile appropriately without having to worry about an exposed missing tooth or teeth.

Dentures are easy to place at the dentist’s office. There, the dentist will take an impression of your teeth and gums. The impression will help them get dentures that would fit you properly. Although dentures differ in size, they must be custom-made to give you the proper fitting and effectiveness that you need.

Why Do You Need Dentures?

These are reasons why you should get dentures near you for your missing teeth:
● They enhance your looks by giving you a complete dental structure.

● They allow you to eat and talk properly. People who have missing teeth may have problems with chewing, which can affect their appetite. With dentures, you can eat with no worries.

● Dentures promote dental health. People suffering from a tooth infection can safely extract the infected tooth with the idea that they can get a good substitute for the extracted tooth. Most people fear that tooth extraction is the end. However, this is not true, as you can get dentures to recover your dental structure and facial appearances as well.

Any dentist in Woodbridge can help you with various dental restorations to enhance your dental looks and health.

How Can I Live With Dentures?

So finally, you’ve got your dentures, but you are worried that things will never be the same as they used to be when you had your natural tooth. Indeed, things won’t be the same, but you can do it.

Here are ways to live with dentures.

Practice Speaking With Your Dentures

After getting your dentures, you should practice singing and speaking with your dentures. You can listen to your favorite playlist and sing along or get into an interesting conversation with friends. With time, you would get used to your dentures and not even realize they are there.

Don’t Let Your Dentures Dry Out.

Just like your natural teeth is always moist with the help of the saliva inside your mouth, your dentures should be kept wet. Leaving the dentures to dry out would put them at risk of getting cracked. To moisturize them, you have to keep them inside a bowl of water, fluoride mouth wash, or other prescribed cleaning solution whenever they are not inside your mouth. You can see a dentist near you if your dentures have gotten damaged.

Know-How To Correct Slipping Dentures

Sometimes your dentures could suddenly lose their correct position when you laugh or sneeze. When this happens, you should bite down on them and keep them in place gently. Once you get used to the method of keeping your dentures in place whenever they slip, you will be able to talk and laugh freely in public without getting disturbed. You can practice this trick at home to get familiarized with it.

Brush Your Dentures Twice A Day

Proper hygiene is one of the best ways to maintain your dentures and keep them effective. Since dentures are removable, you can easily remove them and brush them twice daily with fluoride-filled toothpaste and mouthwash. That is to ensure that plaque and tartar don’t accumulate inside the dentures and cause teeth infection or reduce the effectiveness of your dentures.

Don’t Forget To Brush Your Gums.
Although you have missing teeth, your gums are still present and can develop infections if you don’t take good care of them. To avoid gum diseases:

  • Brush your gums gently with soft toothbrush strands and rinse with mouthwash if possible.
  • Do not forget that your dentures also need your gums to be healthy and available before placement, which means that you must take care of your gums.
  • See our dentist in 22191 for more tips on oral and gum health.

Who should I Consult?

For more information about dentures and their features, you can consult Dr. Lotfi. Please book an appointment right away!

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