An Overview of Partial Dentures in Dentistry 

An Overview of Partial Dentures in Dentistry 

Jul 01, 2021

Tooth loss is one of the most obstinate dental issues in dentistry. Many adults across the globe suffer from premature tooth loss. Emergency dentists in Woodbridge have to deal with many such patients. Usually, tooth loss has to do with different dental situations, ranging from dental decay and periodontitis to significant dental trauma. Fortunately, there are dental procedures that befit dental restorations regarding premature tooth loss.

Of the many alternatives you can select in restorative dentistry, dentures are the most reliable for multiple tooth restorations. This means that if you are missing more than three teeth in a row, the dental treatment you should opt for is dentures for missing teeth.

What Are Partial Dentures?

They are types of dentures that only cover your mouth partially. Technically, partial dentures feature artificial replacement teeth and a gum-like base like conventional dentures. The only difference is that partial dentures do not replace all your teeth. For a dentist near you to recommend partial dentures, you must have several of your natural teeth intact.

Many of the patients who get partial dentures only require a few of their teeth replaced. It is why there are upper partial dentures, distinct from lower partial dentures. It all depends on which part of your mouth has missing teeth.

Variants in Partial Dentures

When getting partial dentures, there aren’t many variations thereof. One of the variations entails the types of teeth used to create your partials. If you are missing the front teeth, then your partials will only have those types of teeth. The same applies to any other area of your mouth.

Aside from that, another variant involves how partials are installed in your mouth. Typically, all that is needed is to get molds of your mouth to develop perfectly fitting partial dentures. This is the typical way of installing dentures. However, in some cases, another dental procedure is performed before dentures are placed.

Dental implants feature metal posts that are inserted in your jawbone to replace the roots of teeth. If you want to get permanent partial dentures, you have to get dental implants first. The dental implants become the support system for your partials. This way, the partial dentures are permanently erected in your mouth, mimicking natural teeth. Dr. Lotfi, however, stresses that dental implants are not suitable for every patient. This is why you need to schedule a consultation appointment with your dentist to determine which kind of technique would best befit your dental condition. If you cannot get dental implants to support your dentures, then you can always resolve for removable partial dentures.

What to Expect from Partial Dentures

Although you will be glad to get your teeth replaced, there is a lot you need to adjust to before you are fully comfortable in your new set of teeth. Some of the things to anticipate once you get partial dentures are:

  • Speaking may be difficult – while you will still be able to speak, pronouncing certain words properly will prove problematic. This is why you must be patient as you re-learn speaking properly after getting dentures. Keep practicing until you get it right.
  • Eating with partials may be difficult – at first, you will have a hard time eating with dentures in place. They are foreign objects in your mouth, so it must take some time before you can chew properly on them. Permanent partials are better to adjust to than removable ones. To better your experience, ensure you start with soft foods. As you progress, even eating hard foods will become a pleasant experience with dentures.
  • Oral hygiene is paramount – you must treat your partial dentures like your natural teeth. Clean them as often as you do your natural teeth to keep them free from bacteria that might infect your gums.
  • Soreness is expected – before your gums and jawbone get used to the weight of the dentures, you will experience some discomfort. The dentures will feel bulky at first, and your gums may be sore for a while as a result. However, the longer you use the partial dentures, the quicker you adjust to having them as part of your oral cavity.

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