Anxiety-Free Dental Care Option for You

Anxiety-Free Dental Care Option for You

Apr 01, 2021

During invasive dental procedures, your dentist might administer local anesthesia. Anesthetics prevent pain and discomfort by numbing the site of treatment. However, some people dread even going for dental exams and cleanings. Others can’t stand needles when the dentist is administering local anesthesia.

When you have dental anxiety, you might be at risk of developing dental problems. Professional dental care is essential to prevent dental problems and improve your oral health. Therefore, when you fail to seek professional dental care services, you pose a risk of tooth decay, root canal infection, and gum disease.

However, you don’t have to avoid seeking professional dental care services. With sedation dentistry, you can achieve relaxation in the dentist’s chair and reduce dental anxiety.

What Is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry is a technique that dentists use to make patients feel relaxed and reduce anxiety. Normally, dentists utilize local or general anesthetics to reduce pain during invasive dental care procedures.

However, if one suffers from dental phobia or anxiety, the dentist can recommend sedation. Also, if you are experiencing excruciating pain and discomfort, sedation would be helpful. Therefore, your emergency dentist in Woodbridge, 2219, might recommend sedatives if you are experiencing toothache due to infections or dental injury.

Levels of Sedation

The level of sedation depends on the dosage and the technique your dentist utilizes. Below are some of the levels of relaxation in sedation dentistry and what to expect:

Minimal Sedation

When you get conscious sedation, you will be awake and alert. In such a case, you can see and feel pressure as your dentist works on your mouth. Therefore, this level of sedation might not be enough for people with severe dental anxiety.

Moderate Sedation

When you receive moderate sedation, you will be conscious. However, you will not be alert. You might feel drowsy during the dental procedure but can be awakened with a gentle tap or shake on your shoulder.

Deep Sedation

When you have a severe dental phobia or require long surgeries, your dentist might recommend deep sedation or general anesthesia. During the dental procedures, you will be unconscious. Therefore, you will no have a memory of what happened during the dental procedure.

Before getting general anesthesia, your dentist might recommend you organize a ride home. The effects of general anesthesia last longer. Therefore, even after waking up, you might feel drowsy when driving.

Types of Sedation in Dentistry

For relaxation during dental care procedures, your dentist might recommend the following sedation techniques:


For mild sedation, your dentist might recommend inhalation. Before the dental procedure, your dentist will ask you to inhale a mixture of oxygen and nitrous iv oxide gases. The gases help achieve relaxation for a few minutes.

When inhaling the gases, your dentist will recommend under a mask to prevent the mixture from escaping into the air.

IV Sedation

Intravenous sedation is the fastest since the sedatives are injected directly into the bloodstream. During the dental procedure, your dentist will inject the sedatives through a blood vessel. The intravenous method of sedation enables the dentist to adjust the levels of sedatives in your bloodstream.

Oral Sedation

Depending on the dosage, oral sedation effects can range from mild to moderate. When getting oral sedation, your dentist will ask you to swallow a pill an hour before the dental procedure. The time enables the sedative to get absorbed into the bloodstream.

With oral sedation, you will feel drowsy. However, sometimes you might fall asleep during the dental procedure. Therefore, you might need a ride home since you will still be feeling drowsy.

Benefits of Dental Sedation

When you seek sedation dentistry from a dental clinic in Woodbridge, you get to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Sedatives relieve you from anxiety and give you a reason to seek dental care services without fear
  • After receiving sedatives, you are not likely to remember anything, thus makes you comfortable visiting your dentist for oral health care procedures
  • Sedation reduces gag reflex, which helps the dentist work faster

Sedation Dentist Near You

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