Everything You Should Know about Orthodontics in Smile Makeovers

Everything You Should Know about Orthodontics in Smile Makeovers

Jun 01, 2020

A smile makeover can boost up your confidence and make you a whole new person. However, it involves more work than you would imagine. For the most part, the flaws in our teeth have to be covered up. Other than that, how your teeth sit in your mouth determines whether or not your smile will be perfect. This is where a dentist in Woodbridge, VA will work on teeth realignment. Many oral problems can necessitate the teeth realignment process. Read on to learn more about the process of realigning teeth, and why you may be just the right candidate for it.

What Is Orthodontics?

​It is a specialty in dentistry concerned with the realignment of teeth the goal of this specialty is to ensure that teeth are sitting in their rightful position. What most people fail to understand is that misaligned teeth cause functional problems for your oral cavity as much as cosmetic ones. Therefore, going through with this treatment is a way for you to enjoy a better-quality life, with a beautiful and optimally functional oral cavity.

Orthodontic treatment has existed for a long time in dentistry. Different oral appliances are used to realize the desired results in realigning teeth, including the following:

  1. Traditional braces – are the most common types. They need feature stainless steel metal brackets attached to wires.
  2. Ceramic braces – these are the more aesthetically pleasing alternatives to traditional braces. They feature translucent ceramic materials, instead of the steel material. The ceramic brackets are held together by wires. The only difference is that the ceramic is transparent, making it easy to blend well with the natural teeth.
  3. Invisalign® – they are another type of braces, also called clear braces. They feature a plastic-like material that is worn over teeth over a certain period to institute change.
  4. Fastbraces® – they are known for a quick and effective solution to teeth shifting, working on both the crown and roots of teeth simultaneously.
  5. Retainers – they are not necessarily braces, but rather oral appliances used to hold teeth in place after the realignment process.

​Given the many appliances available, there is something for every patient. Regardless of the type of teeth braces you get, you can rest assured that our orthodontists in Woodbridge Comfort Dental Care will take good care of you.

​Who Needs Orthodontics?

This procedure is not done on every patient. The treatment is only used on a need basis. This means that you must have a teeth alignment problem. Your dentist will check your oral cavity to determine whether or not you are a fit candidate. For the most part, this treatment has been common for children. However, adults too are getting thrilled about working on their smiles. Some of the problems treated in this area of dentistry include the following:

  1. Crowded mouth – this is a condition where you have more teeth in your mouth than your jawbone an accommodate. It can result from not properly pulling out all milk teeth, or having teeth that are too large for the room in your mouth.
  2. Spaces between teeth – sometimes the opposite happens. You can have a jawbone that is too large for your teeth, leaving spaces between them.
  3. Crooked teeth – it is when some teeth overlap on others. It is especially true for patients with a crowded mouth.

How Long Does It Take?

Teeth realignment is one of the dental treatments that take too long. While no surgery is involved, the process of moving teeth takes time. Typically, a teeth alignment treatment can last at bout 6 months and stretch out to several years. Factors that affect how long your treatment takes include the following:

  1. The complexity of your misalignment
  2. Types of oral appliance used
  3. Your discipline in caring for your teeth and dental appliances
  4. Your body’s ability to heal and regenerate where necessary.
  5. The health of your bone tissue – the jawbone plays a big role in the realignment process.
  6. The number of teeth that need to be shifted.
  7. The distance of shifting to be covered.

While all that matters, it is important to remember that orthodontic treatments are successful when you stick to the treatment plan that your dentist determines.

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