Facts 101 About Dental Crowns

Facts 101 About Dental Crowns

Aug 01, 2020

When compared to dental devices like dentures, crowns stand out because, unlike removable dentures, crowns are cemented permanently, and only a dentist can remove it. These gadgets act as caps for damaged teeth by covering them entirely, thus preventing them from taking any further damage. Aside from playing this role, they also improve teeth shape, size, appearance, and alignment. Visit Woodbridge Comfort Dental Care to get the crowns of your choice.

What is the Difference Between ¾ Crowns and Traditional Crowns?

The main contrast between these two is the amount of tooth they cover. Whenever traditional crowns are installed in a person’s mouth, each is set to cover the whole part of the tooth.They are preferably used when there is a reliable dental structure remaining. Just like their name suggests, ¾ crowns will only cover a part of your underlying tooth, but when compared to the latter, it stands out as a better conservative approach in addressing dental issues.During its installation procedure, your dental practitioner will remove all the affected parts of your tooth, reshape it and then place the ¾ device.

What Are the Types of Materials Used in the Making of Crowns?

There are several materials used to make teeth crowns, depending on your preference and needs. Some of the factors considered by dentists in Woodbridge, VA, include the color, function, position, and the health condition of your tooth. Below are the types of materials used in the making process of crowns:

  1. All-resin

All-resin tooth caps are made from resin only. They are cheaper than most types of crowns, but they tend to fracture or wear down.

  1. Metals

Some examples of metallic crowns include gold crowns and alloys with platinum content. Nickel-chromium and cobalt-chromium are types of base-metal alloys. The main demerit of these crowns is their color, and that’s why they are mostly used on molars. Aside from this, they are best known for their durability. The alloys are made to endure the chewing and biting force for the long term. Thus, they will rarely break or chip.

  1. Stainless steel

These crowns offer an ideal temporary solution in protecting a filling or a tooth that awaits the preparation of a permanent tooth cap. They are also used by children to protect their milk teeth from decay until the permanent set appears.

  1. Zirconia

Zirconia crown is new in the market and has gained popularity over the years, owing to its longevity and great aesthetics. Its durability and strength translate to lower chances of chipping or cracking in comparison to all-porcelain crowns.

  1. All-porcelain or All-ceramic

All-porcelain crowns are ranked as one of the best crowns in cosmetic dentistry, the reason being that they blend with natural teeth way better than other materials. They are also perfect for people with metal allergies and are ideal for restorations involving the front teeth. Although their ability to tolerate biting force is lower as compared to those made of metal, they can keep going for a long time if they are welltaken careof.

  1. Porcelain-fused-to-metal

If you are looking to restore your back or front teeth or if you have a bridge that needs to be supported, a porcelain-fused-to-metal crown is an option you should consider. The fact that porcelain resembles the color of your natural teeth is an added advantage as it improves the appearance of your teeth.

When Is a Tooth Crown Required?

  • After getting dental implants – An implant serves to replace the roots for a missing tooth. It is attached to the jawbone, and a crown is positioned on its top part allowing you to chew without difficulties.
  • When your tooth reaches a breaking point – Teeth with cracks will always need crowns because their structure is usually at risk. Cracked teeth can be painful and sensitive, but with the aid of dental caps, the pain can be relieved.
  • Due to cosmetic reasons – The appearance of a discolored or a damaged tooth can be improved with a ceramic or porcelain crown. If you also have a filling, you can get a tooth cap for its protection.

After any root canal procedure – A dentist will recommend root canal procedure if you have an irreparably infected or decayed tooth. Upon completion of the process, a dental crown is fitted to reinstate strength to your weak tooth.

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