How Long Do Dental Crowns Last?

How Long Do Dental Crowns Last?

Dec 01, 2022

Living with a damaged tooth can be quite difficult. Not only does a damaged tooth look unappealing, but it also causes you to experience constant dental pain, headaches, and, if severe, bleeding. Nowadays, you can restore your damaged tooth through various teeth restoration procedures, such as dental crowns. When you go for a crown restoration, a dentist in Woodbridge will fit you with durable dental crowns, so you don’t need to go for any dental treatment in the future.

Can Crowns Last a Lifetime?

A dental crown is a tooth restoration option that covers a damaged tooth to shield it from additional damage and restore its shape, size, and functionality. Like other tooth restoration procedures, dental crowns don’t last forever; however, with good aftercare, they can last for almost a lifetime before they wear to the point that they need replacing.

On average, a dental crown professionally fitted by a dentist in 22191 lasts between 10 years to 15 years, or even longer with good aftercare. The main reason why dental crowns are more long-lasting than other tooth restoration options is that they are fabricated from resilient materials such as porcelain and metal. In addition, they look natural and don’t have harmful substances or chemicals that may react in patients with allergies.

Warning Sign That Your Dental Crown Should Be Replaced

Even the best dental crowns fitted by Woodridge Comfort Dental care will need replacing. Yes, dental crowns are durable, but various factors can cause them to damage and need replacing earlier than expected. If you are planning to get dental crowns in the future, read the warning signs below to know when to replace them in future:

Wear and Tear

Dental crowns can wear sooner rather than later, depending on how frequently you use them and also how you care for them. Some patients’ dental crowns can wear to the point that they need to be replaced in 5 years or less, while others can go for more than 15 years before they show any considerable levels of wear and tear.

Conditions like bruxism, often caused by stress, can cause you to unconsciously grind your teeth during sleep, causing your dental crowns and natural teeth to wear fast. Additionally, patientswith anxiety may bite their nails, often causing their dental crowns to be damaged.

If you have bruxism, talk to a dentist near you for advice on how to treat it. For example, they might recommend wearing a mouth guard during sleep to stop the side effects of teeth grinding. If you suffer from anxiety, talk to a therapist for advice on how to best deal with it, as it can cause other problems in the future.

Pain or Swelling Around the Tooth

Your dental crowns should be comfortable to wear and use. Most patients who experience dental pain or swelling after crown installation do so because the crowns were not fitted correctly.Therefore, if you experience dental pain, increased tooth sensitivity, or swelling of gums in the area surrounding the tooth, see an emergency dentist in Woodridge for treatment.Your emergency dentist may opt to repair the tooth, but if the damage is severe, the dental crown may need to be replaced with a new one.

Receding Gums

It’s good to practice good dental hygiene even after replacing your tooth with artificial teeth replacement options. For example, patients with dental crowns might be at more risk of receding gums and should practice good dental hygiene and aftercare. Your gums can also recede if the dental crowns are not fitted properly. See a dentist in Woodridge for a checkup to prevent the side effects of receding gum line.

Benefits of dental crowns

Restore severely damaged teeth

Lots of factors can cause damage to teeth, whether it’s bruxism, an accident, or trauma to the mouth region when playing your favorite sport. In some cases, the damagescan be severe to the point where early tooth restoration via dental crowns is necessary to safeguard your teeth from additional damage that could result in tooth loss.

Protects Teeth Prone to Decay

Dr. Majeed may recommend dental crowns if your teeth show signs of tooth decay, especially if it’s not the first time the tooth has been infected. Instead of restoring the tooth via other methods like dental onlays, a dental crown would be preferred since it’s more effective as it can cover the entire tooth and act as a barrier against bacteria, sugars, acids, and other things that could cause dental problems in the future.

They Are Durable

Dental crowns may not be indestructible, but they are great for restoring teeth for an extended period. Maintaining them is also relatively easy since they don’t need special tools or products to keep them in good shape. All you have to do is practice good oral hygiene and not use them unnecessarily, such as when opening a bottle top. Visit a dental clinic in Woodbridge as soon as possible to repair your damaged teeth through dental crown restoration.


Dental crowns are along-lasting teeth restoration option that doesn’t require much effort to maintain. Furthermore, they are versatile and provide both cosmetic and restorative benefits. If you have lost a tooth or have damaged teeth that need restoring, visit Woodbridge Comfort Dental Care to get the best dental crowns in Woodbridge. We have modern dental equipment and a highly trained and experienced dentist that will ensure you receive the best dental care services at affordable rates.

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