How to Give Your Smile A Cosmetic Touch This Halloween 

How to Give Your Smile A Cosmetic Touch This Halloween 

Oct 01, 2020

The appearance of your smile goes a long way to impact the quality of your life. The confidence levels you exude ultimately influence your interaction with other people. In that case, investing in the appearance of your smile is fated, especially in adulthood.

The best approach to improving your smile is by talking to a cosmetic dentist in Woodbridge. This is important because some treatments can be done quickly, while others take time. Therefore, if there is a way for you to have a quick fix that improves your smile, wouldn’t you rather try it?

What Is Cosmetic Dentistry?

It is a specialty of dentistry that is dedicated to improving the appearance of smiles. Dental experts in this specialty work on both the teeth and gums to improve the appearance of smiles visually. Most of the procedures performed are non-surgical, which makes them relatively non-invasive. However, some cosmetic procedures for your teeth in Woodbridge Comfort Dental Care may dictate surgical interventions to improve the outcome of your results.

How to Improve Smile Using Cosmetic Dentistry?

If it is your first time considering cosmetic methods for improving the appearance of your smile, it is hard to determine how and which treatments can help improve your smile. Some of the common methods to achieve improved aesthetic results for your teeth include:

  • Teeth whitening – involves brightening the appearance of your teeth. It can be done in two approaches. One involves using dental veneers to cover up the discolored teeth. The other alternative involves bleaching the enamel and dentin of your teeth with whitening dental substances like gels and strips. The whitening agents brighten the color of your natural teeth.
  • Closing gaps between teeth – large spaces between your teeth are an orthodontic problem. Ideally, an orthodontist would have you wear invisible teeth aligners like Invisalign® for your treatment, to favor your cosmetic requirements. This would work best, considering the alternative which is conspicuous metal wires and brackets featured in traditional braces. However, another approach would have a cosmetic dentist use veneers to close the gaps between your teeth.
  • Reshaping teeth – several things can be unusual about the shapes of your teeth. It could be that they are too pointed, rounded, or boxed off. For others, the shortness of their teeth is quite unusual. For such cases, your attending dentist may resolve to use dental crowns for the misshaped teeth, or rather, use dental veneers for the same.
  • Repairing damaged teeth – the damage could be in the form of dental decay, cracked teeth, broken teeth, to mention a few. Such damages can be fixed with tooth-colored dental fillings, perhaps composite resin fillings or Ceramic fillings. On a different account, dental crowns can also be used for such teeth. Some patients can still benefit from dental veneers, to fix all such damages on their teeth.

Why Opt for Veneers?

In cosmetic dental care, one of the most popularly used oral appliances is a veneer. Oral veneers are tooth-shaped shell-like oral appliances that are used to repair and restore teeth while improving their cosmetic appearances. Usually, the porcelain shells are attached only to the front surfaces of the teeth. This is what makes veneers different from dental crowns that cover the entire tooth. You will find that veneers are used repeatedly for different cosmetic procedures. Some of the reasons why veneers are that likable in this specialty of dentistry include:

  • Minimal invasion – procedures that involve bonding an oral appliance to your natural teeth can be invasive in the sense that part of your natural tooth is removed. For example, when installing a dental crown, a substantial amount of your tooth is trimmed off to make room for the crown. With dental veneers, the same concept is applied. The only difference is that very little of your tooth will be shaved since the veneer only attaches to the front side of your teeth.
  • Quick fix – while many treatments could achieve the same results you want for your smile, dental veneers offer a quick fix. For example, instead of the long orthodontic process to close gaps between your teeth, you can achieve a quick result with dental veneers.
  • Cosmetic advantages – veneers can be color-matched to the color of your natural teeth.

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