Is There Any Use of Sedation Dentistry for Oral Health?

Is There Any Use of Sedation Dentistry for Oral Health?

Aug 04, 2022

What Is Sedation Dentistry?

It is a treatment protocol that allows dentists near you to perform many dental procedures with utmost precision and speed. Sedation dentistry in Woodbridge, VA, entails administering different types of medicine that can calm your nerves, relax your body and treat dental-related anxiety. Sedation dentistry is the reason our dentists at Woodbridge Comfort Dental Care can perform hundreds of dental procedures successfully while meeting patients’ satisfaction.

Types of Sedation dentistry

Sedation dentistry is categorized based on the means of administration and the levels of sedation. You can either be mildly, moderately, or deeply sedated with the following types of sedation dentistry:

  1. Oral sedation – entails taking a pill or two about an hour before your dental procedure. The dentist will intensify the level of sedation from mild to moderate by changing the dosage.
  2. Inhaled sedation – involves breathing in laughing gas combined with oxygen through a face mask that covers your mouth and nose. It is a great type of mild or moderate sedation. To adjust the levels, the dentist will increase or lower the oxygen concentration versus that of laughing gas.
  3. Intravenous sedation – is also called IV sedation. It entails administering the sedative through your vein directly into your bloodstream. It is arguably the fastest mode of sedation, making t perfect for emergency dental care. IV sedation allows much control on the dental expert during the procedure to adjust the levels between mild and moderate accordingly.
  4. General sedation – is the deepest form of sedation and is quite uncommon in dentistry. It is also called sleep dentistry since you will be in a deep sleep throughout the dental work. Due to safety measures, dentists try to avoid this form of sedation unless absolutely necessary.

When Would You Need Sedation Dentistry?

The most common instances of sedation dentistry are oral surgeries. However, the dentist can use sedation dentistry for:

  1. Any invasive dental procedure
  2. If you have a low pain tolerance
  3. If you are experiencing severe dental pain
  4. Severe gag reflexes
  5. Treating dental anxieties and phobias
  6. Long dental procedures – may require sitting on the dentist’s chair for prolonged periods.
  7. Underlying health conditions that may disrupt dental work. For example, autistic patients may have a hard time sitting still for dental procedures, even simple ones.

How Do Dentists Use Sedation Dentistry for Oral Health?

Dentists in Woodbridge, VA, employ sedation to aid the performance of different dental procedures. Some of the oral problems that may merit sedation dentistry are:

  1. Tooth extractions
  2. Implantation surgeries – procedures to install dental implants in Woodbridge.
  3. Root canal therapy and other endodontic procedures
  4. Dental fillings
  5. Dental infections
  6. Jaw Surgery
  7. Emergency dental problems like a knocked-out tooth, broken jaw, or open wounds due to dental trauma.
  8. Periodontal surgery – gum-reduction or gum grafting surgeries.

What Are the Advantages of Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry is beneficial to both the patient and the dentist. The reasons dentists in dental offices in Woodbridge use sedation dentistry for different procedures are:

  1. To increase precision – a dentist needs to operate with high precision, given the tight and small quarters of the mouth. When you are sitting still, a dentist near you can better perform any dental work, no matter how intricate it is.
  2. Anterograde amnesia – Dr.Ghobryal will mention that you may not clearly remember the events of your procedure post-treatment. Sedation dentistry causes temporary amnesia, shielding your brain from making new traumatic memories that may influence your future decisions on dental health.
  3. Painless procedure – your brain will be calm and relaxed as much as your body. Further, dentists in 22191 administer sedation dentistry together with local anesthesia for numbing your mouth, rendering the procedure pain-free.
  4. Speedy procedures – when you are not nervous or moving about, the dentist can work quickly to complete your treatment.


Sedation dentistry plays a significant role in successful dental procedures. It creates unmatched comfort for patients, ensuring they do not continue building new traumatic experiences linked to dental care. Next time fear tries to creep in, lean on the fact that sedation dentistry can help you get through any dental procedures painlessly.

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