Teeth Extractions Help Eradicate Infections from Your Mouth

Teeth Extractions Help Eradicate Infections from Your Mouth

Sep 01, 2021

You may expect your permanent teeth to remain with you for a lifetime. However, reasons such as tooth decay, dental trauma, infections, or an impacted wisdom tooth can bring a recommendation from the dentist in Woodbridge to have the tooth extracted to benefit your oral health. When recommended teeth extractions, instead of expressing fear or distress, you help yourself realizing the dentist is removing a difficult part of your mouth with the potential to cause more problems.

You are free to accept or negate the view of your dentist, remembering you probably are scheduling for yourself a visit to the emergency dentist in Woodbridge for emergency tooth extractions. Instead, why not avoid the chances altogether by accepting your dentist’s view to have the tooth removed in a dental clinic.

Why Do Dentists Recommend Teeth Extractions?

There are various reasons why dentists recommend teeth extractions. Some examples of the conditions requiring tooth removal are mentioned below for your reference.

  • Dental cavities.
  • Gum disease.
  • Dental infections.
  • Injury or trauma to the tooth and the surrounding bone.
  • Wisdom teeth complications.
  • Preparation for dental prosthesis or braces if teeth are crowded.

Your dentist recommends teeth extractions near you only after evaluating your mouth to identify whether you are affected by any of the conditions mentioned above. For example, an extensively decayed tooth irreparable even after root canal therapy requires extraction to ensure your overall health remains in optimal condition.

Adults and teenagers considering orthodontic treatments for correcting their crooked teeth require extractions to remove extra teeth in their mouths. When you receive a recommendation for tooth removal, express happiness because the dentist eradicates an infection or problem in your mouth without worrying about the tooth removal procedure itself.

What Kind of Extraction Can You Expect?

The kind of extraction you can expect to undergo depends on the tooth’s location, shape, size, and position in the mouth. Teeth extractions are categorized as straightforward or surgical. Extracting a visible tooth from dental extractions near you is precise because the dentist removes the tooth entirely in one piece. Unfortunately, if you are having your wisdom teeth extracted, you require a surgical extraction which is somewhat involved. However, both procedures are accomplished in under an hour and will not restrict you from indulging in your regular activities except for strenuous exercise.

Tooth Extractions Are Entirely Painless

Suppose you are fearful about the tooth extraction procedure. In that case, that it helps to realize dentists are also aware of people’s anxiety and adopt measures to make sure you don’t experience any pain when undergoing tooth removal. For example, you either receive local anesthesia in the mouth for simple extractions and more potent anesthesia with sedation if you have an impacted wisdom tooth removed.

The Tooth Extraction Procedure

Before starting the tooth extraction procedure, you receive adequate anesthesia from Dr. Lotfi. Then, a visible tooth is extracted after you receive the numbing medication by loosening it with elevators and pulling it out by forceps.

If the tooth targeted for extraction is impacted like a wisdom tooth, the dentist must cut open your gums to remove any tissue or bone obstructing the tooth before breaking the tooth into pieces if required during the removal. If you are undergoing a surgical extraction, you need help from a friend or family member to drive back home after the tooth removal.

The tooth extraction procedure is straightforward and will not subject you to unnecessary stress. However, you must exercise caution during the healing period after tooth removal. Dentists undoubtedly provide you with teeth extractions recovery guidelines that you must follow stringently.

The initial 24 hours after the extraction are incredibly important. You must ensure you don’t disturb or irritate the extraction site and prevent the formation of a blood clot. Exercise caution to ensure you don’t touch the extraction site with your tongue, consume alcoholic beverages, smoke, or use a straw for drinking.

When suggested teeth extractions, you must prepare yourself for the recovery well ahead of time, paying particular attention to your diet. Tooth removal does not allow you to enjoy the complex and sticky foods you regularly enjoy yourself. Instead, you must subsist on a softer diet until the tooth extraction site has healed. Tooth extraction recovery may require a few days to six weeks, depending on the type of procedure you underwent. However, accepting the situation of your dentist helps ensure your mouth is free from any infections that may require visits to emergency dentists when you least expect it.

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