Types of Dental Implants and How Much Does It Cost?

Types of Dental Implants and How Much Does It Cost?

Oct 13, 2022

Dental implants are artificial tooth roots that have become a popular replacement solution for missing or extracted teeth. Implants require surgical installation by the dentist in Woodbridge, performing the procedure with titanium screws that integrate with the jawbone after recovery in approximately three to six months.

After you recover from implant placement surgery, you must undergo another minor surgery for abutment placement, on which the dentist mounts custom-created dental crowns to resemble your lost or missing teeth.

For over three decades, dental implants have succeeded as the most convenient solution to replace missing teeth with the stability and durability needed to withstand the forces of biting and chewing. You might think selecting dental implants is a comfortable task if you have missing teeth, and your belief might encourage you to consider any implant as a solution for yourself. Unfortunately, you commit an error if you choose dental implants without consulting dental implants in Woodbridge because there are different types of dental implants suitable for specific situations. This article focuses on the different types of dental implants and also provides the costs of having them to replace your missing teeth.

If you want to learn about different dental implant types and their costs, please continue reading this article to enhance your knowledge.

Types of Dental Implants

Dental implants are primarily available in two forms. They are:

  • Endosteal Implants: the most popular variety of implants used are endosteal implants. Titanium or alloplastic materials help make endosteal implants that function as your artificial tooth root. Surgical insertion of endosteal implants into your jawbone helps the implant to integrate with natural bone.
  • Subperiosteal Implants: Subperiosteal implants are rarely used and are a better option for people with insufficient jawbone to help support endosteal implants. Subperiosteal implants do not require placement into the jawbone. Instead, the placement happens beneath the gums but above the jawbone, indicating surgery is not a requirement.

You can have different dental implants to replace your missing teeth, depending on your particular requirements. They are:

  • Single Tooth Implant: Single tooth implants are ideal if you have one missing tooth and consider replacing them for aesthetics, functionality, and comfort. Single tooth implants consist of one titanium screw, an abutment, and one dental crown connecting to the implant screw.
  • Implant Supported Bridges: Implant-supported bridges are perfect for patients with several teeth missing. The implant acts like an anchor for the bridge instead of the natural tooth. Fixed implant-supported bridges restore functionality and prevent your remaining teeth from drifting out of place while improving chewing and speaking functionality.
  • All on 4 Dental Implants: This specific variety is recommended by the dental office in Woodbridge if you are missing an entire arch of teeth in the upper or lower jaw. All on 4 dental implants are permanent restorations, with the overdenture being removable for cleaning and dental exams.
  • 3 on 6 Dental Implants: an alternative to implant retained dentures is also available with a 3-on-6 implant. This variety has three customized dental bridges attached to six dental implants.

How Much Does Implant Teeth Cost?

The costs of dental implants vary for every patient and depend on the number of teeth you want to replace, the type of implant suitable for your situation, the expertise of dentist 22191, and the specific nature of the procedure you require for dental implant placement. However, the consulting dentist can give you a rough estimate of the costs of getting dental implants by calculating the basic procedure without considering any other processes you might need before implant placement. Depending on your specific needs, you can expect to pay the mentioned prices for dental implants.

  • Single tooth implants cost around $ 3000-$ 4000.
  • Implant-supported bridges cost around $ 5000-$ 16,000.
  • All on four implants can cost between $ 10,000-$ 15,000 per arch of teeth.
  • 3 on 6 implants range between $ 10,000-$ 15,000 per arch.

It helps if you remember some insurance plans cover the cost of dental implants and not the entire procedure. For example, some insurance providers might cover the cost of the dental crown, and some might provide partial reimbursement of the surgical expenses. Therefore you must prepare yourself ahead of time before considering dental implants to ensure you don’t encounter challenges with finances later.

Dental implants require minimal attention besides maintenance by brushing and flossing and getting dental exams as your dentist recommends. However, they feel and function like your natural teeth, making them excellent restorative solutions for missing teeth.

Woodbridge Comfort Dental Care provides different types of dental implants as needed by you. If you intend to substitute your missing teeth with this excellent solution, please schedule an appointment with this facility to replace your missing teeth with a permanent solution.

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