Why Getting Invisalign from an Orthodontist Is Better Than a Dentist?

Why Getting Invisalign from an Orthodontist Is Better Than a Dentist?

Feb 01, 2023

Invisalign is an excellent solution if you want to improve your smile by straightening your teeth but need clarification about whether you should see an orthodontist or a dentist. Differentiating between dentists and orthodontists when seeking Invisalign treatment if you need orthodontics near you can be challenging.

Orthodontists are specialists in straightening teeth using updated technology. However, you may prefer to see your general dentist to help you improve your smile. This article helps you differentiate between these two professionals to ensure you decide confidently.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is the brand name of a teeth straightening system using transparent plastic aligners for teeth straightening. Clear aligners help correct teeth alignment. Dental grade transparent plastic BPA-free material helps make Invisalign aligners that fit snugly over your teeth. You must wear the braces over your teeth for about a fortnight before replacing them with the next set.

Invisalign helps correct an extensive range of dental issues. Some problems fixed by Invisalign include crooked teeth, gapped teeth, and protruding teeth. The aligners are custom created for your mouth and worn for a minimum of 22 hours daily during your treatment. Invisalign’s provider takes a mold of your teeth for the manufacturer to create your clear aligners in a series. Every tray needs replacement after a fortnight until your dentist or orthodontist is satisfied with the results. Dentists and orthodontists complete Invisalign treatment faster than conventional braces depending on your specific situation.

Invisalign Vs. Conventional Braces

Traditional braces are standard for straightening teeth, although bulky and uncomfortable. Invisalign is a removable orthodontic treatment helping people remove the aligners when eating or cleaning their teeth, indicating they endure no restrictions or discomfort when undergoing the treatment.

If you think Invisalign suits your style better because it doesn’t require changing your eating and cleaning habits, you must understand that the treatment might cost more than conventional braces. However, if you possess dental insurance, your provider will cover a part of the cost of the treatment.

Why Is an Orthodontist the Best Choice for Getting Invisalign?

Excellent question. You can see an Invisalign dentist or orthodontist if you want to have your teeth straightened. However, you must understand the difference between these two dental professionals.

If you are unsure whether you must see a dentist in orthodontist for Invisalign, the optimal choice is to schedule a consultation with both professionals to determine the pros and cons. Below is some information on the considerable difference that can help you decide.

  • Dentists can provide the initial consultation and evaluation for Invisalign.
  • Orthodontists can treat more complicated cases with Invisalign because they have additional training in straightening teeth, although they might cost more.
  • If you have a complicated situation with your teeth, the better option is to seek treatment from an orthodontist.
  • If you want to enhance the appearance of your teeth and smile using Invisalign you find it beneficial to see an Invisalign provider certified by the manufacturer.

Scheduling a consultation with an Invisalign dentist initially helps address the issue with your oral health. After creating your treatment plan, the Invisalign dentist determines whether they can provide the optimal Invisalign results you need. If your situation is complicated, they will refer you to an orthodontist or oral surgeon, depending on your specific case. Therefore, it is beneficial to see the Invisalign dentist before seeing an orthodontist.

Please schedule a Consultation with Our Woodbridge Dentist

If your dental concerns are mild to moderate and comfortably corrected by Invisalign, you can visit the dental office in Woodbridge for an assessment when the Woodbridge Invisalign provider assesses your teeth and discusses your smile goals. In addition, Invisalign helps correct minor crowding and spacing problems.

Unfortunately, if you have a complicated orthodontic issue, you can receive help from orthodontists in Woodbridge, VA, to get your teeth straightened and have a beautiful smile as desired with conventional orthodontic treatment.

Orthodontists are specialists in straightening teeth because they receive additional training after dental school. When Align Technologies introduced Invisalign they trained dentists to provide orthodontic treatment to patients with mild to moderate orthodontic imperfections. Although the treatment is successful with adults and teenagers because it remains inconspicuous over the teeth, orthodontists remain the professionals you must visit for a thorough assessment of your teeth before starting any treatment to straighten them. Many dentists also provide orthodontic treatment with conventional braces, although they haven’t received specialized training from dental school. However, it doesn’t make them specialists in understanding the finer intricacies of orthodontic issues that are best determined by an orthodontist. Therefore whether you need treatment to correct problems with your teeth or must have jaw alignment, an orthodontist is the best professional to help you decide how to improve your smile.

If you want straighter teeth without the burden of metal in your mouth Woodbridge Comfort Dental Care provides orthodontic treatment with Invisalign and conventional braces. Kindly consult them to assess your situation and receive a remedy that best suits your needs.

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