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f you don’t like your teeth, a dentist who does cosmetic dentistry can use one of several options to change how they look. For front teeth, one option is to apply dental veneers for teeth that are permanently stained or that have chips or cracks in them. This information about the process of getting dental veneers should answer any of your questions.

Consultation with a Dentist

When you decide to get veneers to improve the appearance of your teeth, one of our dentists at Woodbridge Comfort Dental Care will examine your teeth and discuss veneers with you. They can help you decide whether to get resin composite, ceramic, or porcelain veneers in Woodbridge, VA.

After you make that decision, a mold of your teeth is done and sent to a dental laboratory, which makes the veneers. It takes around two weeks for the veneers to come back from the dental lab. When they arrive, an appointment to prepare your teeth is necessary. The dentist will file or trim your teeth as necessary to fit the veneers.

Applying the Veneers

Before cementing the veneers to your teeth, our dentist in Woodbridge, VA, will make sure your veneers fit well. If necessary, they will do some more trimming or filing to make sure they fit seamlessly, and the color matches your other teeth before permanently attaching them.

Our dentist near you will clean and roughen the surfaces of your teeth. A mild acidic solution will roughen the teeth’s surfaces so that the cement adheres to the teeth and the veneers stay in place. Once the veneers are applied, an ultraviolet light hardens the cement.

Eating and Drink with Veneers

It will take about two hours for your veneers to set, so don’t eat or drink anything until the two hours have passed. Afterward, you are free to eat and drink as you choose. Our dentist will provide you with aftercare instructions, including the types of foods that you can eat with veneers.

The dentist will also tell you what drinks to avoid to prevent staining the veneers. After the procedure, you will be proud of how your smile looks and want to show it off constantly.

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